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Welcome to Handcrafted artisan art site! Site is dedicated to handmade decorative art in Finland!

Handcrafted art; This is one woman’s small company dedicated to make unique handmade artisan art from collectable items around the northern hemisphere, all items are handmade in Finland, from start to beginning. Accesories for the artwork and also ideas came from the nature, especially from the Lapland and nothern Norwegian sea and everyhing what comes bye to the eye of the beholder. I like to reform old stuff to new fashionable decoratively artwork.

kotimaisia käsitöitä
Seashell flowers on drifted wood piece.

Northern Norway, especially north from the Lofoten, is located outer archipelago, group of islands, one of them is called Vesterålen. There you can find small fishing villages and white sandy beaches, they have been the main inspiration to me as I made art from sea/clamshells and stones, this is how the idea behind the company was started, make beautiful stuff from drifted materials from the ocean.

I make all by hand, and use mainly articles from the sea. I also use clean Finnish wood from the forests and famous Finnish rocks and stones and all other old beautiful things just finding a way to be re-used as decorative items, like old barns little things,  simply because my little atelje and home is located in the countyside. From seashell art my creativines has evolved to all kind of similiar decoratively art.

All clamshells are from the fresh waters from the Atlantic ocean, hand picked by me.  Tide brings new treasures twice a day. Biggest shells rarely make in one peace to the beach, that is why I mainly have focused on smaller shells. I also collect interesting stones from the seaside, but some stones are imported from Indonesia by the Indian ocean which has made them perfect as art pieces.


kotimaisia käsitöitä
From beach you can find almost anything if you just keep your eyes open, search and dig. Usually I have few boxers helping me searching.

Handcrafted Art – Pipsa’s Perfect Poutique

Every item is unique. Support artisan work!

Ready items for sell you can go check at the webstore or by clicking the the ”verkkokauppa” icon from the navigation bar. Item descriptions may come in English on someday. Customer support is fluent in Finnish, Swedish and English. Spanish, German and Norwegian we can handle. You can use all major credit cards via Paypal. Please contact us before ordering outside Finland, therefore we can calculate accurate shipping cost for your item.

I may and I will publish articles from the making of art and the process behind it.

Handcrafted art – Original areas for the accessories.

Seashells are hand picked from the Northen Norway seabeaches and fjords. There you will find a places like this in the picture below, where entire beach is sheashell and crushed coral sand, this is strait between mainland and large archipelago, 100 km long and massive tide.

Tjeldsund, Norway, satellite picture of materials origin. White area is mixed seashell and crushed coral sand.



Seashells are originally 500 millions years old and because from the massive tide’s they have evolved spectacular shapes. Picture under is not white sand, it is 100 % rough seashell and coral ”sand”.


kotimaisia käsitöitä
Handcfafted art treasury beach. Not white sand. It is all crushed seashells and coral.



Greatest source of inspiration, with great tide, which brings new art materials to the beach is the old fishing villages. Villages are full of old history, some of the fishing gear is still in use and some of them are not and may find a new home from someones wall. Even those not are is use are usually in great shape and looks amazing as decorative pieces after some cleaning and restoration work.

Greatest findings for the handcrafted art has been found from the Andoyan island, south from the Andenes which is capital of the island, small fishing village called Bleik and it’s surroundings. White sandy beach is longest in Norway, about 5 km.




handcrafted art
A boat on drifted wood piece.
kotimaisia käsitöitä
A boat on drifted wood piece.








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